Primavera P6 Compliance

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Those messages indicate that your current FlexNet Manager License does not include the Oracle Product Use Rights library.


Assuming that your login account is an Administrator role within FlexNet Manager, you can access the Admin drop-down menu in the extreme upper-right of FlexNet Manager.  This will appear to the right of your name and will be 2 small gears.  Click on this icon and from the drop-down list, select "FlexNet Manager Suite License".  This will indicate which publisher product uses the right libraries you are currently licensed for.

Can you please respond to me.

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I hope this may help you-I got these - Please feedback me.

I believe Primavera P6 is typically licensed using an Application User metric. To calculate consumption you would need to work out where/how you can get data that will enable you to identify a count of application users and put a process in place to perform that count on a suitably regular basis.

Whether it will make sense to do this manually or in an automated fashion will depend on factors such as the frequency with which your user counts change and you need to get the latest counts, assessed risk of compliance problems, the difficulty of automating the process (using, for example, a business adapter). In most organizations, I would expect a manual process to assess current consumption performed every 3-6 months would likely be sufficient.