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Exciting news, we have added all of the Tech Summit Office and Windows labs to TechNet Virtual Labs. Just click on the following link, filter by “Events” and “Tech Summit” and you’ll see all of the Office and Windows labs that we made available for our global Tech Summit event series this year. For Office, you’ll find labs on Office 365 Groups, Office Development, Excel, Security and Compliance, Delve, Skype for Business, Office Pro Plus, Exchange and more! We also have 10 new Windows labs covering topics like deployment, customization, troubleshooting, Device and Credential Guard and more!


TechNet Virtual Labs


Enjoy and let us know your thoughts on this community.

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I tried to use several of the labs and I get "This lab is not available messages". I submitted a support ticket on the Virtual Lab site

Still not available

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Hey all,

We are in the process of moving all labs over to a new platform. Check out the site:

Thanks for the update, those could be helpful, however the metadata tagging leaves alot to be desired. The categories appear to overlap and are open to a lot of interpretation. It would be alot more helpful if they included specfific technologies and services. Azure is such a broad topic that using it as a Refiner is not very helpful. The topics of Administration or Management are very vague and not self-explanatory.