AzUpdate: Zonal Capabilities for Azure Site Recovery, Azure Security Center Compliance and more
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Continuing our coverage on all things Azure, this week the team will be reporting on Expanding Microsoft's DR scenarios to new zonal capabilities with Azure Site Recovery, Azure Security Center Regulatory Compliance dashboard, AzCopy currently in preview to import from GCP to Azure Block Blobs, Publishing VM Images from Shared Image Gallery to Azure Marketplace and an architectural focused Microsoft Learn module of the week.




Expanding DR scenarios to new zonal capabilities with Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery replicates workloads running on virtual and physical machines from a primary site to a secondary location so when an outage occurs at the primary site, failover to a secondary location occurs, and apps are then accessed from there. 



With the zonal disaster recovery capability, Microsoft is making it possible to replicate and orchestrate the failover of applications in Azure across Azure Availability Zones within a given region. Zone to Zone disaster recovery options with Azure Site Recovery is on its way to being available in all regions with Azure Availability Zones (AZs). Availability Zones, fault-isolated locations within an Azure region, provide redundant power, cooling, and networking, allowing customers to run mission-critical applications with higher availability and fault tolerance to datacenter failures. Azure Availability Zones will be available in every country Microsoft Azure publicly operates in by the end of 2021.


Further details can be found here: Set up Site Recovery Zone to Zone Disaster Recovery


Microsoft Strengthens compliance story in Azure Security Center

Microsoft has recently launched many big upgrades to the compliance management experience in Azure Security Center, including Azure Security Benchmark integration with Secure Score, a new section for downloading audit certification reports, integration of shared responsibility model details into the product, and Workflow Automation functionality.  


The Azure Security Center team is encouraging organizations to try out these new compliance capabilities in Azure Security Center, and are hoping for feedback. For more information on regulatory compliance in Security Center, check out this documentation:


AzCopy v10.9.0 now in public preview: import from GCP to Azure Block Blobs

Currently in preview, AzCopy v10.9.0 now supports importing from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Storage to Microsoft Azure Storage Block Blob. This version will also have support for scanning logs that can have low or high output based on debugging needs. Tags will be preserved when copyng blobs and the list command will include Last Modified Time information.


If you are interested in utilizing this version of AzCopy, please follow the Getting Started guide.


Publishing VM Images from Shared Image Gallery to Azure Marketplace now Generally Available

Microsoft has now enabled the ablity to publish a VM Image in Shared Image Gallery (SIG) to Azure Marketplace. This capability simplifies image preparation, testing, and submission process as it is no longer required to extract vhds, upload them, and generate SAS URIs. With this capability, organizations can now manage the full image lifecycle within Azure. Simply create an image from the VM or a vhd into Shared Image Gallery,then select the SIG Image to publish it in Partner Center.

Learn more about publishing your VM image using Shared Image Gallery here.

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MS Learn Module of the Week



Architect migration, business continuity, and disaster recovery in Azure

Learn how to migrate resources to Azure, how to provide site recovery for your applications in Azure and on-premises, and how to your applications are available through service interruptions and changes in load.
Modules include:


  • Design your migration to Azure
  • Protect your on-premises infrastructure from disasters with Azure Site Recovery
  • Protect your Azure infrastructure with Azure Site Recovery
  • Protect your virtual machines by using Azure Backup
  • Back up and restore your Azure SQL database
  • Build a scalable application with virtual machine scale sets
  • Dynamically meet changing web app performance requirements with autoscale rules
  • Scale an App Service web app to efficiently meet demand with App Service scale up and scale out
  • Design a geographically distributed application


Learn more here: Architect migration, business continuity, and disaster recovery in Azure




Let us know in the comments below if there are any news items you would like to see covered in the next show. Be sure to catch the next AzUpdate episode and join us in the live chat.

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