AzUpdate: PowerShell and Azure Migrate, Managing User Authentication Updates and more
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It's been sometime since we connected last so lots of news to cover this week.  News this week includes: PowerShell support for Server Migration with Azure Migrate is now generally available, Updates to managing user authentication methods, New recommendations from Azure Advisor are now available, Microsoft announces the redesign of the Microsoft account Security page, QnA Maker introduces deep learning and as always our Microsoft Learn Module of the Week.



PowerShell support for Server Migration with Azure Migrate now Generally Available

Azure Migrate's Server Migration tool provides an easier way to migrate servers and applications to Azure virtual machines. The new PowerShell based management interface for the Server Migration tool allows for the ability configure and manage replication of servers to Azure and migrate them to Azure virtual machines using Azure PowerShell cmdlets. These newly introduced PowerShell cmdlets can perform migrations in an automated repeatable manner as scale.  In addition, the new Azure Migrate Azure PowerShell module adds PowerShell support for Server Migration tool’s agentless method of migrating VMware virtual machines to Azure. See the read further documentation on migrating virtual machines to Azure through Azure PowerShell here: Building a migration plan with Azure Migrate


Managing user authentication methods Updated


New features for managing users’ authentication methods has been released and include: a new experience for admins to manage users’ methods in Azure Portal, and a set of new APIs for managing FIDO2 security keys, Passwordless sign-in with the Microsoft Authenticator app, and more.  Further detials surrounding this new enablement can be found here: New features for managing users’ authentication methods


New recommendations from Azure Advisor are now available

Azure Advisor now includes the following best practice recommendations to help improve performance and reliability of deployed Azure resources:


  • Performance:
    • Deploy VMs closer to the Windows Virtual Desktop deployment location—close proximity improves the user experience and connectivity (Read more)
    • Upgrade to the latest version of the Immersive Reader SDK—this provides updated security, performance and an expanded set of features for customizing and enhancing the integration experience
  • Reliability:
    • Latest version of the Azure Connected Machine agent—upgrade for the best Azure Arc experience (Read more)
    • Do not override hostnamewhen configuring Application Gateway this ensures website integrity

Advancing Password Spray Attack Detection

Microsoft has added new additions to their family of credential compromise detection capabilities with the introduction of machine learning technology and global signal to create incredibly accurate detection of a password spray nuanced attack. This is a great example of where worldwide, multi-tenant detection combines with rapidly evolving detection technology to keep organizations and end users safe from this very common attack.  Further details surrounding this addition can be found here: The Evolution of Password Spray Detection

Microsoft Account Security Page Redesign

Microsoft recently launched a redesign to thier Account Security page making it easier to access account security information.  Updates include easier management and visibility of enabled sign-in methods, more secure discovery of methods and consistent design across consumer and enterprise management.  Further details surrounding the updates can be found here: Microsoft Account Security Page Redesign


Deep Learning made available within QnA Maker (Public Preview)

The new managed QnA Maker offering now includes the following capabilities:

  • Precise phrase/short answer extraction from longer answer passages to deliver the precise information you need in a more user-friendly way
  • Deep learnt ranker with enhanced relevance of results across all supported languages to provide even more accurate results to end-users
  • Simplified resource management by reducing the number of resources deployed
  • End-to-End region support for Authoring + Prediction

Additional details can be found here: QnA Maker Deep Learning preview


MS Learn Module of the Week


Manage identity and access in Azure Active Directory

Learn how to work with subscriptions, users, and groups by configuring Microsoft Azure Active Directory for workloads. This learning path can help you prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification.  The 9 module learning path can be completed here: Azure Active Directory Identity Management


Our team always appreciates your input on the Microsoft services news we share. Let us know in the comments below if there are any news items you would like to see covered in next week show. Az Update streams live every Friday so be sure to catch the next episode and join us in the live chat.

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