hundreds on différent profiles - how to find the right one

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Hi Tech People, Learning people, Community organizers

I'm surprizing about lot of different profiles I need to have in MS Communities, currently

Learning profile - refering my certifications and history
Docs profile - refering my learning path etc
Community Answers - some set of forums and discussions, tracking my contribution
Tech Community - other set of forums and discussions, tracking my contribution
Probably much more

And all those profiles are different. 
Additionally some of those profiles are twice - one with my personal account other with my Work/School account. Some kind of pseudohistoric reason - received forum link is some time bounded with my personal and sometime with my work

Now I read that new certification and renewal process demand I need to connect my Learning and Docs profile. Plus mu Community profiles track my different contribution. So my question is - might someone help me to discover

May I somehow connect those profiles (syncronize profile info, contributions etc)
Can I somehow merge my duplicate TechCommunity profiles (syncronize my profile info and contributions)

Any help or recommendation is highly welcome

Henn Sarv, MCT since 1996


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