Get Certified! New Service Adoption Specialist Certification is now available


We are excited to announce the release of our Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist Certification online course.  Delivered through our partner, this course is designed to help you understand the six knowledge areas required to successfully drive the adoption of Microsoft services in your company.  While all great service adoption is technology agnostic, this course uses Microsoft Teams, our hub for teamwork, as the example service throughout the material.  A Service Adoption Specialist brings together business acumen, technical knowledge with an understanding of how to drive change and passion for helping people under one umbrella. 




Learn more about it on the Driving Adoption Blog.

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How can this provides for my use of talent unborn)/? My sun rise is inblesent.
how much it does cost and how will i get certification?

@Karuana Gatimu  this certificate is available ?¡?¡¡¡¡

@Karuana Gatimu I have recently passed this, but cannot get this to be uploaded in acclaim, to see what level certification I have with Microsoft.  What is this certification the equivalent of?

@Karuana Gatimu I'm Happy to share that I compeleted and received my certification last week.

@Karuana Gatimu 

Hi! I tried to register for this class on Oct. 1 and the EdX site said that it was closed for enrollment on Sept. 30. I know that the content is going away on Dec. 31, but I really want to take the course and be certified before it isn't offered any more. Can you please help me get enrolled?

Thank you!

I'd like to complete this certification but see that EdX,org isn't offering enrolment any more. Has the course been retired or can I complete this somewhere else?
Hi Petra, the course is still available, I've just double checked
Will there be a new offering for this class? I'm very interested.

@Karuana Gatimu when is this course next available?


Is this on demand or a virtual classroom?