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We are in an important phase in IT. Change is moving at a rapid state never seen before. Whether it is AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing - users are asked to adapt very quickly to new technologies, methodologies and tools. Now more than ever users should embrace the idea that they must keep learning. I am a continuous lifelong learner. I am also a Change Guru. I had to constantly change the way I do my job. I welcomed change. How did I do that? I kept learning new things everyday and kept pace with top trending technologies. I learned a new topic frequently. All for free! I want to share this with everyone since most misconception about learning is that you have to be away from work and take time off to go physically be in a classroom at a cost. There are many great Free learning platforms (Future Learn, Pluralsight, to name a few) now available for users to take advantage of to Up-skill, Re-skill and Augment their knowledge. I attended an AI Summit this year and one of the speakers said something that resonated with me: "Learning has evolved. Before, we used to Learn then Work then Retire. Nowadays to keep pace with the fast rapid change in Technology we must Learn > Work > Learn > Work > Take a break > Learn > Work > Retire". Basically, we must never stop learning. I encourage all users to learn something new at least 5 minutes a day (most modern learning platform have micro-learning capabilities where users learn on their own pace). Do not wait for your manager's approval to take a course. We need to empower ourselves to embrace change, continue to learn and keeping an eye on the future. Culture Change is most important mindset a learner and user must have to keep innovating. We all need to be Leaders and break the stereotypes about learning in workforce. We must be Champions in IT world and push the boundaries and barriers. Start learning today and see the difference it makes on you and your peers. Trust this helps.
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