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Hi, how to shortener url of : into ? 


It is possible for a partner?

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Only available MS employees unfortunately. 

Would be greate to see the service behind the AKA.MS URL Manager find its way to Github.

It'd be great to learn how URLs are managed behind

I think our company thousands of external URLs are manually managed by human...

earlier it was available for URL shorten. suddenly MS has stopped this.


do it work without pc
no, only on mac (?)
Nono sorry
I've moved this to the IT Resources and Training space as the Community Discussion space is intended for conversation about the Tech Community website only.

@fabien zizek 


And i get this error 

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As others have said, is only available to internal employees. Your best bet is to go with it service.
Would be really great if Microsoft would open source the code running You don't get what you don't ask for.
This looks good from here.....
Getting in touch

@Asif Rehmani 

Here is the link to a more cost-effective URL shortener service (I believe Microsoft may be using this service):


That's it! You're right. That's what Microsoft uses.
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