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Support Tip: Intune Diagnostics on Android is now available

Published Apr 14 2020 03:00 AM 5,950 Views

With the March release of the Intune Company Portal for Android (version 5.0.4737.0 and later), diagnosing issues with Intune App Protection Policies is easier than ever as Intune Diagnostics is now supported! The iOS and Android platforms now have a consistent experience for Intune Diagnostics.

Intune Diagnostics provides two features:

  1. Ability to upload diagnostic logs for troubleshooting and/or email the Incident ID to support personnel.
  2. Ability to view Intune App Protection Policy settings for apps.

To access Intune Diagnostics, open Edge for Android and type about:Intunehelp in the navigation bar. This will launch the Company Portal app in Intune Diagnostics mode:



To upload logs, tap SEND EMAIL & UPLOAD LOGS. This will trigger the Company Portal to upload the diagnostic logs and prompt the user to send an email with the diagnostic ID:

image2.png   image3.png


Alternatively, users can tap UPLOAD LOGS ONLY to upload logs and not send an email.


To view App Protection Policy status for an app, tap VIEW APP INFO and then select any of the installed apps in the picker at the top of the screen. For each installed app, Intune Diagnostics shows information about App Protection Policy settings received from the Intune service:



For more information on the settings that are exposed in the Intune Diagnostics and how they map back to App Protection Policy settings names, see Review client app protection logs.


We hope that bringing this functionality to Android helps admins troubleshoot issues in-house. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Ross Smith IV
Principal Program Manager
Customer Experience Engineering

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where are the diagnostic logs sent to? Do I as an Endpoint Manager Admin have the opportunity to access them?


Apart from that: What is mandatory for the picker for the "VIEW APP INFO" to work? Although there are certain Office-Apps installed on my device, which have an App Protection applied, the picker is empty.

Samsung A 40, Microsoft Edge, Android 10.




New Contributor

@Axel_Czuck, I have the same question. I don't know where to go to find the logs that were uploaded!


Hi @RogueAgent @Axel_Czuck the logs are uploaded to Microsoft, not to your tenant. Tenant admins don't have access to diagnostic data.

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Dear Ross,


What could be wrong if the View Apps Info shows an empty screen. Even though App protection policies are defined for the user?



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