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New Intune Readiness & Planning Content - Intune Launches the In Development Docs Page
Published Mar 04 2019 02:40 PM 8,738 Views

Today we’re announcing a new docs page named “In Development.” This new page provides a preliminary list of those Microsoft Intune features and UI updates that are in development as part of the monthly service update. These items are being tested through early adoption (dogfooding) within Microsoft but are not available yet for broad customer usage. Once items on In Development are made available for all production tenants, either as a public preview or generally available, the feature descriptions will move off this page and onto What’s New.


These features and UI updates reflect our current expectations regarding Intune capabilities coming in an upcoming release, but note that release dates and scope of individual features may change. We’re providing this transparency around what we plan to release to assist in your readiness and planning. For longer-term strategic roadmap solutions and direction, refer to the Intune section on the public roadmap for Microsoft 365.


Below you’ll find Q&A regarding this new docs page


Q: How often will you update this list?

A: We plan to update the page when the monthly service update releases and we move items from In Development to What’s New. We will also add in features and UI updates each month when the service moves from Intune Engineering to Microsoft Corp. For more information on how Intune updates, read this post: Microsoft Intune Service Updates.


Q: Will you continue publishing message center posts?

A: Yes! We will continue to publish message center posts when we announce major new features or service changes. You can view your message center posts under the Health blade of the Microsoft 365 admin console at or the Intune news posts on the Tenant Status blade within Intune at If you’re not in either console frequently, just sign up to receive email digests at and Office will email you weekly a summary of active message center posts. You can filter to just receive Intune service messages and major notices. We describe how to sign up to receive message center posts here: Support Tip: Keeping Up-to-Date on Intune Service Change Communications.


Q: I’ve seen a feature that keeps staying on In Development or was on there and then was removed but didn’t land on What’s New. Why?

A: When a feature moves with the service update from the Intune environment to Microsoft, we anticipate it’ll continue to general customer availability. However, if our telemetry indicates otherwise, or Microsoft IT comes back and provides feedback, we may choose to keep it in development until it’s ready or rarely go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate our approach.


Q: I didn’t see a feature on In Development, but now I see it on What’s New. Why?

A: Some features we keep under wraps by choice. Other times, a feature slips in at the last minute. If it’s a big new feature or UI change, we may update In Development out-of-band. Otherwise, we’ll add it into What’s New when that page is updated with the monthly service release. 


Q: Does this docs page replace the roadmap?

A: No! As shared in the introduction, refer to the M365 roadmap for strategic deliverables and timelines.


As always, leave us a comment if you've got additional questions we can answer regarding this new docs page. If you're looking for a feature you don't see in console or on the roadmap, be sure to check Intune User Voice.  


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