Voices of Healthcare Cloud brings you “My Order" Supply Chain Bot
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If you are new to our series or need a refresher; Voices of Healthcare Cloud is a webinar series hosted by myself, @Vasu Sharma & @Joshua Thompson. My name is Shelly Avery, I am currently a Dir, Healthcare Specialist for Health and Life Sciences focusing on the largest Payor and Provider customers in the US, Vasu is a Sr Customer Success Manager for Microsoft 365 for Health and Life Sciences & Josh is a Sr Account Executive for Healthcare. The goal of this webinar series is to showcase how Healthcare is seeing positive business and clinical outcomes with cloud technology.


We will be bringing new and creative solutions to you at least once a month, so we hope you tune in live or catch the on-demand recording after the session is completed.


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For this session, Michael Hobbs MBA, a Senior Technology Specialist, and Amber Weise, Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft, will discuss how chatbots can add value to the end user (nurse, clinical staff) by providing visibility to the status of their purchase order such as:

  • Order status proactive/easy notifications to end users
  • Oder status supplier confirmation email
  • Inventory status
  • Backorder status proactive/easy notifications to end users

Here are a few images of the bot



We will also discuss how you can get started with a pilot!


This session happened in the past, here are the links shared during the session and the session recording. 


Resources shared 



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