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Hi Tech Community,


We've recently migrated from GSuite to Microsoft 365. We've completed the mail and data migration and we'd like to close and delete the GSuite account. But some of the apps like Youtube, Google Ads, Google Analytics are still associated with the Google account. How do I transfer our company Youtube channel to our new Outlook account? (of course, without losing any data, audience engagement etc). 


Please advise!


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as far as I know, you can't transfer YouTube channel to new Outlook. like what do you even mean? Outlook is an Email service, YouTube is a video hosting service, they are completely different things.

Microsoft 365 has Stream, that can be a replacement for YouTube

Microsoft Stream – Video Streaming Service

but there is no way to transfer things like YouTube video views from there to Stream.

@HotCakeX  Hi, what I mean is Youtube Channel is associated with a Gmail account by default. Right? Now that we've moved from GSuite to M365, how do I still continue to maintain our Youtube Channel? One can have a Youtube Channel associated with a M365 account. I'm asking how do I transfer?


Microsoft 365's Email service is Outlook/exchange.
there is no direct relationship between that and YouTube. you can't transfer YouTube as far as I know.

do you have any source that says otherwise?

you can take a look at this official support page for changing email address of YouTube:

for further instruction you can contact Google/YouTube support and see if they will let you change your YouTube email address and what's the procedure for that. if they do then you should be able to change it to any email address, Outlook, Yahoo, icloud etc.

@Samriddha Did you get an answer to this? We are about to go through the same migration from Gsuite to Microsoft. I was surprised that no one on here understands the issue!


@miles-t wrote:

@Samriddha Did you get an answer to this? We are about to go through the same migration from Gsuite to Microsoft. I was surprised that no one on here understands the issue!


I did reply above,

YouTube channel can Not be transferred to Microsoft servers.

Microsoft provides a similar service, called Stream. you can learn more about it here:




now, the only thing you can do is to make a new Google account and sign up with your Outlook Email address, then transfer your YouTube account to that new Email address.

there is a video i found about it



or, you can add your Outlook email address as an alternative email to your Google account and then you will be able to use your Outlook email address to sign into your Google/YouTube account.



@miles-t Yeah, I've still not got a clear response from Google or Microsoft. Seems very strange that such an issue is not addressed till now. How do brands manage this - we don't want to start from scratch nor do we want to lose existing data nor have to maintain multiple domains and incur costs.


What I understood from some lengthy GSuite Support discussions is that -

  • For Youtube, we gotta first create a Brand Account and transfer our existing Youtube channel to the Brand account which can be managed by multiple email addresses (non Gmail)
  • For Ads and Analytics, apparently we still need a Google account. Not sure

This is very strange. We've switched to M365 6 months now and I'm still paying for GSuite because I still don't have a clear solution.




I already answered your question, 


you need to always plan beforehand for these things, YouTube (Google) and Microsoft are 2 different companies. 


for ads and analytics your data is handled by Google, can't bring anything over to Microsoft.


Yes, I said the same thing above, use Microsoft Email and add it to your Google account or make a new one and transfer it.


by the way, this is a community forum, not the official support method.

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