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I have set up 3 shared libraries. I have changed the logo for these libraries in SharePoint & I can see the new logo when I select the shared library within OneDrive for Business. But OneDrive is not using the new custom logos in the list under "Shared Libraries". It only shows the default logo with initials.


If I go to the Microsoft 365 admin center, under groups I can edit info for the group but I don't see a way to change the group logo - it just shows the default logo.


So how do I change the logo for the group, as displayed by OneDrive & the admin centre?


Some images attached.

Hi @mikebirder

Do you have a Team attached to the Office 365 Group? If so you can Manage Team > Settings > Team picture > Upload the picture and this will push to Azure AD. This should pull through after propagation to SharePoint and Shared Groups in Outlook


The Microsoft 365 Admin centre? Don't think pictures pull through here

Best, Chris

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It might happen that the backend needs some time to "index" the shared library logo so you can see it in ODFB. Have you tried to connect to your ODFB from an in private session in your browser?
Logged back in today and the icons have finally appeared.
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