Hoping can shed some light on the below.  I have a few questions relating to Windows 10 Enterprise step up licensing via Azure AD. 


1. When a user has utilised their limit of 5 devices for Windows 10 Enterprise activation, what is the expected behaviour when they logon and attempt to step-up the license on a 6th device?  E.g. is the first subscription revoked?

2. How/Where can you report on the devices a user has stepped up to Windows 10 Enterprise?  Can you revoke this in PowerShell in Azure AD somewhere?

3. For troubleshooting, what is the process that actually carries out the step up in license at log on.  I found two scheduled tasks, EnableLicenseAcquisition and LicenseAcquisition under \Microsoft\Windows\Subscription\ which both run ClipRenew.exe from the system32 directory, but running this manually doesn't appear to step up the license.  They may not be related to the step-up process.  Does anybody have any details on this?

Ref - Up to five devices can be upgraded for each user license -

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