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Yammer - New look and feel - Is it launched?

Please let me know as I need to see the end user experience. Thanks.

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@Bijay305 New Yammer is not yet available as a production launch. Stay tuned for announcements later in the spring.

@Kevin Crossman @Bijay305 looks like you can now try the new UX via the new Teams app "Communities".  It's not the FULL experience of the new Yammer, but it's a start.

Edit: link to blog post

@AlexH980I did, thanks and it looks quite good and interesting.

Thanks @Kevin Crossman Please keep me posted.



The launch started on 5/11 but may take until 5/15 to hit your tenant.  Once it is available to your company, Global Admins will have to turn on the new experience toggle in the Yammer Network Admin settings for it to become visible for end-users.  They can set the new experience as opt-in or default for users.  



I don't think it's launched yet. However, you should be able to check it out at web.yammer.com.


It should then force the new look until you turn it off on the preview toggle. 


Hope this helped.

@AlexH980 You can try the web version too by visiting web.yammer.com.