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What percentage is the Measure of Success Vs Failure of Yammer with the organizations?

@Bijay305 This will vary depending on the use case for Yammer.


For an organization that is moving all global communications to Yammer, having only a small portion of users using Yammer would be problematic.


But for another org that uses Yammer as a platform for clubs and communities of interest - and doesn't expect everyone in the org to be using Yammer - then having a smaller portion of the userbase on Yammer would not be an issue.


As with social media, expect a bell curve. Some percentage wont look at all, the majority will lurk and read and sometimes hit Like, and a small group will be your active posters and advocates. There is some documentation about communications programs and adoption programs.

This is helpful, if you can give some real time examples with Stats it would be of great help. Thanks



Here is the common wisdom on Social Media, 90-9-1




You can expect better than that if you get key leadership to be active and use it as a core communication channel.

Thanks, yes it depends on the active members participating, using Yammer as a Communication
channel and the leadership to encourage the team to use the channel as a Collaboration platform in an organization.