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WAC Gateway:

Version - 2103.2
Build - 1.3.2105.24004
RDP Extension version - 1.106.0 (wac-insiders)
I have tested and confirmed this issue on my home lab by adding and removing myself from Protected Users security group.
When using Server Manager to manage all my servers I can right click a server and select Remote Desktop and RDP to any of my servers without issue as a member of Protected Users.

Using WAC I am unable to RDP at all. What is the difference between WAC RDP and Server Manager RDP and normal RDP that stops WAC RDP from working when you are a member of Protected Users?
All my servers are added to WAC as FQDN's so should be using Kerberos rather than NTLM.
Is this related to the PowerShell double hop issue where some PowerShell commands such as Install-ADServiceAccount wont work via WAC due to the double hop?
Any documentation and possible solutions welcome as its stopping me from the slow migration away from ServerManager.


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