@Ned Pyle i have this issue.  I have just done a transfer of a 1.9 TB drive with just over 2 million files on but have 18 files that have failed and really need to know which ones.  I can download the Transfer log/Migrated users log/Migrated groups log but the Error log fails with the error:


Ensure port TCP/445 (SMB File and Print Sharing) is open on the orchestrator server.  The error was:  [0x8000] Unknown service error.


I have rebooted the Orchestrator server, turned the Windows Defender Firewall off (there is no other firewall), I have increased the NetTcpBindingSms Time out to 10 minutes as others have suggested.  But none of these have worked.  Please could you help me get the log so I can find what the missing 18 files are.


Also when downloading the Transfer log it doesn't appear to have all 2 million files within, it is only showing the files from one of the shares and not all the shares that have been migrated, how do I download all files log?