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Hi All,


We are trying to build Windows 2019 via custom arm template. We are trying for below configuration.


Skus                          Offer                    PublisherName

----                            -----                      -------------

2019-datacenter       rs5_preview          microsoft-hyperv


But the deployment first failed with below error.


Creating a virtual machine from Marketplace image requires Plan information in the request


Then we added the plan information in the virtual machine create root.

"plan": {

        "name": "[parameters('sku')]",

        "publisher": "[variables('imagePublisher')]",

        "product": "[variables('imageOffer')]"



But again it failed with error- User failed validation to purchase resources, CustomerDeniedServicePlanAccess The Offer is not sold in the account market (US) .


We never faced any such issue while procuring 2012 or 2016 Server


Any Thoughts ?