Wheeew, that is a hard cut.
I loved to recommend Microsoft Servers since the Windows Home Server Editions for small business users and families with greater IT needs as usual.
When MS killed its own super child for families, as known as "Windows Home Server", I moved on to the Essentials Edition. More money for MS but less comfort for me and all other ones I recommend the WHS, but in the end most of them migrated to the WSE. The main feature heavily used was and is the superb Client-Backup. It was and is super reliable and worked more as dozend times as a lifesaver.
So now MS is killing the last child for families with greater IT needs. Well, it seems it is time to say goodbye to the servers for home usage.
Whoever decided to get rid off the best features for selecting a solution like WSE, don't know what he did. This game is really over. WSE 2019 makes no sense for me and mostly all other peoples and families I recommended MS servers for their needs. All writings and argueing reminds me how the end of the WHS-Editions were announced. Anyone else here remembering the good old times of WHS and the stripped down WHS 2011? How they pushed us to the WSE2016 and now they taking the best features from the WSE2019. I can't believe that MS is doing this. Cloud is not everything! Many people don't want their data in the cloud, especially families. Some of them want things to be private and to be secured in their home. I still hope that MS makes a turn back. Hope will never die, even when you know there is no hope.
Sad days for me and all who selected WSE2012/2016 for the reliable Client-Backup. The Essential Experience for Standard Servers is also retired. So there is no need to buy an overpriced server for home-usage. Well done guys at Microsoft, well done. Maybe there is some hope? Please!

For questions regarding another reliable Client-Backup Solution. I tried the Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows. Well it is FREE and works like a charm.
Maybe this information helps some other guys, in their search for another client-backup solution.

With sad regards from Germany

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