Some extracts from the feedback from the community on this announcement as posted over at showing a depth of feeling around this decision:


  1. I use cloud services for most tasks now, but there is one thing where there isn’t a viable alternative yet: Client Backup. This is nicely solved with Essentials Client Backup (in combination with Storage Spaces). Will this be still supported in Windows Server 2019 Essentials? And will it still be possible to use the Client Backup on a Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition by installing Essential tooling? And what will be the solution for client backups in the future when all Essential Edition features are likely to be deprecated in future Windows Server versions?


  2. With the release of Server 2019 Essentials, the end of an era has been reached. Gone are the wizards and tools designed for the small business owner.

    * Gone is the Remote Web Access feature.

    * Gone is the Essentials Connector.

    * Gone is Client PC Backup.

    * Gone is Office 365 Integration.

    * Gone, is the Dashboard.

    * Gone, indeed, is the Essentials Role.

    All that remains of Essentials, is the name Essentials and the licensing limits of the Essentials SKU, of 25 client access licenses. What we are presented with, is now more in line with Windows foundation server from several years ago. The first (and last) non-essential Essentials release. Way to go Microsoft!