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Dear Windows Server team,

it has been a while since the SAC images have been made available.

From the Server Insider page we we can only download the LTSC of Server vNext while SAC has been removed.

I understand the idea of Windows Server SAC and its very limited intended usecase but also wonder why you do not publish SAC ISOs / VHDX anymore. 


Thanks for explaining. 

cc @Mary Hoffman

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Right now we are focused on Windows Server LTSC, you will see announcements this week at spring Ignite that it's release is right around the corner :)

Is there something you are looking to test with SAC that you can't test with LTSC? SAC is just a subset of LTSC, and SAC is just focused at Container scenarios. So you should be able to do everything with LTSC (just verifying your use case).


Hi Elden, thanks for your reply. I am aware about this container scenario and outlined the limited usecase above. Not actively using SAC in the intended way for some VMs but likely will switch to LTSC then if no more SAC are incoming. (currently use them for ADDS and AD CS) for no specific reason.

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