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I'm trying to get my head around the possible setup for doing a Hyper-V sup with hosted AD Webhosting IPAM etc. and a client to get as much profit(speed) as possible with my hardware.

Also, to get back into the Windows Server Management work and up to date with the current standards for AD - Client security.


I do remember some information on Hyper-V as a "Backplane"/"supp" installation on but I can't find this anymore. Then again with the Windows Server Preview Build 25083 its not working to get any Drivers installed for my system. (note/; Not doing any Azure with this solution for now, later as possible fallback/backup solution.)


Now this sounds ofc like a weird and dumb question. But with all the scattered information on the Microsoft sites... I'm not able to find any good step by step from scratch to best practice AD implementation documentation. Also lost my Windows Server 2003 student book.


I'm running the following specs:

Gigabyte ax370 Gaming K 5

AMD Ryzen 1700

16gig 3200 Dual channel mem (currently running slower (also bad Gigabyte support on Bios F51d)

Nvidia GeForce 1700 super

1 raid setup 

some loose disks


I'm hoping that someone can give me some guidance in where to look for all(most) correct learning documentation.



Also, any idea how to run a Firewall from the same supp?