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I REALLY need help on this issue!


Main office has:

Branch office:

i.e. two different subnets.


DHCP is configured in the routers on each side; main/branch (i.e. no DHCP configured in the server).


Main office has two Windows Server 2019:

1. Main server with AD, DNS, DC

2. Application server that is joined to domain


and there are also clients in the main office:

3. Normal domain connected clients (Win10 and Win8)


I can ping forth and back between all computers but when I try to ping from Branch to Main office towards the "2. Application Server" I don't get through.


I have no probem to ping from Branch to "1. Main server" or towards normal clients in the "main network".


If I ping "2. Application server" from any local computer on the Main office side, the server responds.


Basic fault tracing tells me it's a server configuration thing versus the Branch network, something in the "2. Application server" stops the calls, right?


I have checked the server's firewall (incoming ping) and also temporarely  turned off the firewall, but no success. So firewall seems to be out of the question.


I also added the branch's subnet in "1. Main server" under AD Services and Sites, no success.


I really can't understand this magic going on in the second server, why doesn't it respond to calls from the Branch side?


Please help!