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Thanks in advance for suggestions.


Yesterday I updated 2 of my 3 laptops to Win 10 Pro build 1903.  Since then my Win 2016 essential server (build 1607) is showing both laptops offline, so not getting backed up.


Both laptops are definitely online.  They can access the server fine, even the Windows Connector is showing as connected to the server and can open the Server Dashboard.


The third laptop (still on Win 10 Pro build 1809) is showing online and is being backed up.


I feel this is very much a windows software issue, but in case the hardware is:


3 x Dell XPS laptops (models 9380, 9350 and 9365)

1 x HP Gen 8 Microserver.


All up to date with all hardware and software patches, except the Dell XPS 6365, which hasn't had Win 10 Pro 1903 yet.