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I'm trying to create an automation for Power BI so that it is able to refresh and publish a dataset to its online work space. 

I'm doing this through creating a PowerShell script that will open Power BI Desk, then click refresh, then click publish. 

I'm having trouble getting the mouse clicks down. 

I'd like a suggestion for a line I can add to my script so that I can place a left mouse click at location x by y. 

If I can figure out how to place one mouse click at coordinates I'll be able to work out the rest. 


Thank you for your help!

Looks like the guys in Stackoverflow had two answers you may be interested in.
The first is that you could user PowerBI online, but I don't know if that covers your use case.
The other is a bit of PowerShell and VB in order to automate the action of refresh.
Hope it helps: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54429867/refresh-power-bi-with-powershell