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Show device's private IP address and Public IP address next to PC name in Windows Settings => System => Remote Desktop for faster and easier connection and usage.

it makes sense to show them next to PC name, because remote desktop apps on other devices such as phones accept those 3 types of methods to find and connect to PC, but in Windows settings only 1 of them is shown.

if you want to find the private IP address that DHCP gives you, you have to do extra work and get it from properties of network adapter etc. or to find your public IP address you have to use a 3rd party website or service. so, it all makes sense and makes things easier to have all 3 pieces of information right in the Windows Settings. I've tested this myself and have had other people test it in my presence too, and in different network conditions, having all 3 pieces of information is always useful and necessary for Remote desktop connection.






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