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When I import pictures from a USB device (Android phone), numerous additional files are created with file names with the prefix _fall_back


After ticket 1682415 with OneDrive support and ticket 1489401937 with Windows 10 support, I am no further forward.  If there is anyone from Photos or OneDrive who recognizes this file name and can identify why thousands of such files are being created then please reply.

since you posted it in the Windows insider section, which Windows 10 insider build are you using?
Current on 19033 but the issue has been there for six months.

Just want someone who knows about Photos import to recognize what and why these temporary files are for and why they are all over my albums. OneDrive deny any responsibility ...
Oh i see, well i'm a heavy OneDrive user, rely on it for lots of stuff like pictures, game saves, documents etc
for picture import I usually go to my DCIM folder on my Android and copy the pictures to computer, but I will try the auto backup feature and report back how it goes, i'm also on fast ring.