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Photos app still downloads OneDrive album pictures even when the folders are set to be available offline


I have 4 albums created on my OneDrive (personal), each has around 1000 pictures in them. each album represents a folder with the same name in my OneDrive. so basically I put my photos in 4 folders and used OneDrive's feature to automatically create 4 albums from those 4 folders, it's a nice feature. so because I need to have access to those photos in the folders and albums, I marked those folders in OneDrive to be always available offline. so OneDrive started downloading gigabytes and made all of those pictures available offline for me on disk. now in the Windows 10 Photos app, I go to the albums section and I can see my albums that I had created before in OneDrive, but I still have to wait for each photo to be downloaded and then loaded for me which obviously takes a lot of time. for some reason, Photos app doesn't or can't tell that those pictures (and their albums respectively) are already downloaded on disk and marked to be always available offline in OneDrive folder.


App version Microsoft Photos 2019.19081.20730.0


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