Good evening Windows Staff,


My name is David Stebbins, I have been working through some security challenges with both my phone and 2 lap tops now for 4 months straight and it's adding a considerable amount of strain on me and my family. 


I know that the advanced security for Windows Defender is something very advanced and would offer better results than the original. I however am concerned about not qualifying for it, and If there was no possibility for end users to access this layer of security, what other options would be more ideal for my scenario? Please advise.


Best Regards,


David Stebbins

Hi David,
Have you tried the Windows Defender demo which can also help you configure the various controls,
How do you get on?



Defender ATP doesn't add protection, it adds information and reporting.  It allows you to see what the attackers have done to your system.

What is going on that you are under stress?  Describe the symptoms?