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It would be incredibly convenient if windows allowed apps to integrate with the multiple desktops/task view feature. The idea that sparked this for me was that it would be nice if I could create a new desktop for my wslg installation of ubuntu. And instead of creating a mini RDP window when launching apps from the start menu, it would check if I had an ubuntu desktop open and would create it there instead (Also preferences as a part of the windows settings app for this would be nice). Also it would be great if I could use the multiple desktops feature to switch to one of my remote computers.


Additionally having the start menu shortcuts for wslg apps in a folder feels incredibly cumbersome and directly against the Win 11 ethos. Perhaps it would be better to find a better, more adaptable solution to this because it could also be applicable to android apps whenever that feature comes out. Perhaps this feature could be expanded to something like a Rich RDP where you could even launch apps on remote computers which you are not already connected to simply by clicking it in the start menu. While im on a roll here, I'm perplexed as to why Microsoft's clean new apps like console and RDP are not shipped as default programs with windows 11.

I'm looking for an internship/full time pos too, are there any managers on the windows dev team that I could send my resume? lol