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I hope you agree customers require options depending on their needs and sometimes they will prefer an on-premise solution.  As much as I’d love to see support for Windows 10 Multi-Session that we can host ourselves, could we at least get support back for Office 365 ProPlus on Windows Server 2019 as well things like OneDrive support including File On-Demand that we would like to use with Windows Server 2019 RDSH.  Some of these things might work but aren't officially supported as far as I know!


I work with a range of customers and RDSH is great solution for them, Windows Server 2019 support for these things would be very welcome.  I appreciate the extended support Office 365 ProPlus on Windows Server 2016, but we’d really like official support for Windows Server 2019!


Thanks very much.

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Hi Cian, Windows Server 2019 and Office 365 ProPlus is a common request. We are working through the decisions/options on our end, please stay tuned.
Thanks for you reply, much appreciated, will look out for future updates.