What's the reason and my motivation for this compendium even though Microsoft does have a dashboard?

1. It should help to find information faster according to a specific version.

2. you might notice while some links are duplicates, some other are unique and sometimes it is not easy to find the specific information according this a specific version. Well yes, bookmarks / MS Edge Collections exist.

3. Microsoft has a new CMS which has changed some links you might have saved. Feel free to create new collections in Edge.

4. Especially since, Windows Server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI OS appeared, some changes have been made. notice the update history page for Server 2022 is not included in the regular Windows Update history.

5. Azure Stack HCI OS is not listed on some other pages.

I hope you find this summary helpful. I will maintain this in future, as I also need this for internal reasons, I thought it could be good to have this public for own and other people references.