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Hi All, is there a way we can block malware filehash values using Applocker GPO without having to locate or have a actual copy of the malware file ? appreciate your response... cheers..
Hello , I think the malware mechanisms are working not visible
and group rules will not be effective!
thanks Andrzej1 , let me check it and advise..


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AppLocker is NOT a replacement for Anti-Malware product and to set a policy, you will need to have a sample of it.
However, you may do it other way, like create a whitelist and only add trusted applications and place the rest into black list, so it will block everything else.
In case it is a malware, you may report it to Microsoft Anti-Malware team to create a signature. You may upload it to websites where they product hash key.
thanks Eric.
Thanks Reza_Ameri.
Welcome, glad it was helpful

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