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Our test lab is a local Active Directory domain hosted on Server 2019 domain controllers managing Windows 10 Pro workstations, all running either Windows 10 1909 or 20H2. Since these are not Enterprise workstations, I've installed Windows Application Guard on a 20H2 workstation according to the instructions at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/microsoft-defender-application-g... in Standalone Mode and configured the appropriate group policies, including enabling "Allow files to download and save to the host operating system from Windows Defender Application Guard".


WDAG appears to work in Edge (Chrome) when manually activated. However, downloaded Word documents that I open in Word 2016 are still opened in Protected View and not by WDAG. Thinking that this might be because these are not Enterprise but Pro machines, I configured the same WDAG group policy settings in the local policy and restarted the machine. It didn't work. WDAG does not open downloaded documents in MS Word.


Does WDAG for Office work only on Enterprise machines and not on Pro? Is there some trick that I'm missing? I'll be grateful for any information.

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Hello - App Guard for Office is only available with Windows 10 Enterprise, it seems you have completed the correct steps (enabling feature and setting the policy), however the minimum requirements need to be met.
Hope this helps!
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