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Right now we can only pull 30 days of data. Florida requires 3 years of CDR data. Whats the roadmap for Teams voice CDR past 30 days? This is a roadblock.



I'm not a lawyer but it looks like that law is for carriers and not for you as an end user or administrator. So the carrier have to keep this data.


So I think this is not a roadblock for you. If it were a problem Microsoft as an American company using this solution themselves would have changed this and they would not have any Florida companies using Phone System.


But with that said more than 30 days data would be good in the Teams Admin Center.

I see that you started a uservoice request about this and that is the best way to go.

In the capacity that pertains to my question public records requests for CDR are provided by my department (Telecommunications) as we are the Telco for the voice services we change back to for a University. More specifically we are required to retain this data for internal and external calling. The carrier would not have any internal call records within the PBX so we must be able to keep 3 years worth of this data. Phone system does not have a way to pull 30+ days of CDR even if we were using Direct Routing instead.

Isn't that law that you referred to in the uservoice only for calls that are going to be billed? "Each carrier that offers or bills toll telephone service". Internal calls within Teams are not charged, those are free calls.


I know that some of the software developers doing reporting systems for Skype for Business been trying to use Get-CsUserSession  to export session and save in a separate database but I think they are waiting for real API for this.


Dynamic Routing, do you mean Direct Routing? If you are using your own SBC you can use the CDR for that, but that will only be for calls that go out to your PSTN carrier.

@Linus Cansby We bills our customers for toll telephone service which would fall under the law. We must retain this information for toll calls that we bills whether it is billing our own toll service customers for toll calls or billing customers for another carrier.

While you mentioned a Teams to Teams call is free, an internal call where users have an enterprise voice number is not free as we 1) charge back for voice service if a user has a phone number and 2) licensing for Teams voice is not free. I also hesitate for anyone to say Teams is "free" in general as any service has licensing costs. 

Even in a Direct Routing scenario we still need to get the internal Teams to Teams calls if the user is licensed for voice and has a DID.

I think your best way to get CDR for more days is either create your own reporting (with the data you export from Teams) or wait for third-party tools with this function. While waiting for Microsoft to extend the number of days you can get from Teams Admin Center and PowerShell try to get as many votes as possible for your uservoice request and talk to your Microsoft representatives (you probably have a Microsoft Service Delivery Manager or similar).


Agree, "free" is not the correct term but I guess you understood what I meant, there is no extra charge for Internal Teams calls. Those are included in the license.

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