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we are migrating from SfB 2015 on-premises to Teams, which includes PSTN telephony.
The client wants the migration to be a long process for business reasons, so users in Sfb and users in Teams will have to coexist.
We have found that the customer has old CAP devices, not compatible with Teams.
The customer knows they have to buy new Teams-compatible CAP devices, but wants them have the same name. That is, if the device was called Room1 in SfB, it has to be called Room1 in Teams, because user call the device searching the name Room1.

1 - What is the proper procedure to migrate CAP devices from SfB to Teams?
For users the command Move-Csuser is used, but I do not find information for CAP devices.
I suppose that because the devices are not-compatibles, the only solution there will be:
- remove the old CAP device from Skype, how is it done?
- install the new CAP in Teams

2- can users moved to Teams call the old CAP devices from SfB? I mean SIP call (1 to 1) from SfB to Teams, not PSTN call


Thanks a lot for any information