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Can someone answer if I can delete the old DNS entries?

Have been running Teams only mode since March 2020.

We have a few users with the PSTN from Microsoft as Add-On. One license is for Polycom Trio (voice only) running the Teams Client app in a Conference Room.

We use a lot of the Microsoft Conferencing Add-on as well.

I cannot determine from the MS docs if we still need the old DNS entries from running Skype for Business Online.  We never had On-Prem.

Can I delete these that MS is still listing in the Org Setup wizard of the Office Admin Portal


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According to MS docs: yes you do.

I know a lot of orgs don't and have not had problems but I've also had issues with some tenants where trying to create resource accounts is problematic if you don't have the _sipfederationtls SRV record.

My suggestion is that there's no harm in keeping them.
I found those docs, And it clearly states for Skype for Business Online. I understand what you mean. I was just cleaning up and it seems strange to leave entries that reference Lync and Skype when those haven't been used for more than a year in our case. Even this doc has similarly obscure details
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It does also say:

These DNS records also apply to Teams, especially in a hybrid Teams and Skype for Business scenario, where certain federation issues could arise.

As I say, plenty of customers don't have them and never had a problem but others have when there's no SRV record. If you also have federated partners who use Skype for Business, then you'd need those records for them to federate with you.