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I am running a pilot WVD in anticipation of migrating away from VMware Horizon View virtual desktops and at the same time migrating from Skype-for-Buisness to Teams Voice.


Microsoft and VMware had provided the capability in Horizon View to pass though the audio devices to the VD so users could select the appropriate headset, speakers etc. that S4B could chose from in the VD instance.  Additionally, this gave the S4B user the option to select a secondary speaker for ringing so they were able to hear an incoming call when not wearing their headset.


This option is not presented in the Teams Device settings when running in WVD.


I understand that the virtual instance running teams is only able to see the "default" audio from the host but this makes it nearly impossible to use Teams voice in WVD since the likelihood of missing calls is significant.


Is there any work on if this is being addressed similarly to the Micorsoft/VMware solution provided for S4B/View users? 

@RFillingsness We are working on supporting Teams calling & meetings in VMware environments. we will publish more details soon. Thanks.

@Mohamad Saleem Will this solution apply to Windows Virtual Desktop also?  We are planning to migrate to WVD in the near term and need to plan accordingly.


Also, is there a more appropriate forum for me to be monitoring the progress of Teams Voice / WVD development?  It's been challenging for me to make the connection between the two products.


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