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I'm developing a Teams custom app that translates speech into text by speech recognition. I want to make a web app that converts voice into text available in Teams tabs.


The problem is:

Voice recognition can be performed with personalTab and channelTab, but device access cannot be permitted with privateChatTab, meetingChatTab, and meetingDetailTab, and voice data cannot be acquired. The web version works fine on all tabs.


For this issue, I tried the following:
  • Changed to require microphone access permission from the app manifest. The device access permission item is displayed, but even if you [Allow], once you close it, it returns to [Deny] (see image).


  • Changed to request device permission from the web application side . The dialog requesting device permission is not displayed.


  • Check operation with DevTools. When starting the web application, the error "Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Permission denied" is displayed on the console.


Please help me.

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