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we're developing custom app using Powerapps and publish it in Teams,


but we jst want to make only specific security groups access the app, not the entire organization.


We tried with the permission policy - block the app for whole org and add setup policies for installing apps then add policy package using the setup policies, and finally assign it to the specific group, but it failed because we can not apply permission policy..


After that we tried to install app manifest for security group, but this option we can not find in setting.


Any Idea? we desperately need someone's idea for working on this.


Thank you so much! 

Share the powerapp to the security group, then add the app to them via app setup policy! If other manually install it they won’t have access to it
we tried but it didn't work..
Teams App Policies Group Assignment is currently not supported. This is something we are working on but do not have ETA to share.
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