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I have created one teams messaging extension, and trying to pass array of adaptive card attachments on response to an action based command show multiple cards but its just picking up first card and ignored the rest of the cards.


let card = {
    type: "AdaptiveCard",
    version: "1.0",
    body: [{ type: "TextBlock"text: "Hiral" }],
  const adaptiveCard = CardFactory.adaptiveCard(card);

  const attachment1 = {
    contentType: adaptiveCard.contentType,
    content: adaptiveCard.content,
    preview: adaptiveCard,
  return {
    composeExtension: {
      type: "result",
      attachmentLayout: "list",
      attachments: [attachment1attachment2attachment3],
In above code whatever attachment I add first in array it shows that card only and ignores rest of the cards.
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@Hiral_Patel - Response to action based command supports only one card. Could you please confirm what you are trying to achieve? Are you looking to provide search responses something similar to this?



I just wanted to send 2 adaptive cards for action based command as a response.
Its showing first card from attachments array and ignored the other one.
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