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Hi team,


I am getting below error from postman when I try to perform the Patch operation

id used after /calendars is the iCalUId generated while creating calendar event and id used after /events is the event id generated.
Please guide us what is the correct way to use the api , as tried multiple. ways  and still facing the error

"error": {


"message""Id is malformed."



IS the iCalUId which I am supplying in the Patch call incorrect ? 
What is the way to update calendar for a user which has multiple invites sent and we need to update one single instance of his calendar from ms graph api update event 

@Niketa_Mane - We are not able to repro the issue at  our end. Could you please check this doc?

@Nikitha-MSFT , thanks for checking.
We found an issue performing with update as below
Updating the attendees for the event replaces the previous attendees and not adds them into invite

@Niketa_Mane _ when you update the attendees you need to add all the attendees - update  attendees will be replaces with the new attendees. This is by design.

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