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When using MS Graph and I use the message endpoint to send a message to a channel in MS Teams, and that message includes an adaptive card as an attachment, I always end up with a blank space/padding at the top of the card, and 3-dot menu to the right (with a Copy option).




This padding doesn't seem to appear on any of the examples given in the documentation, and the blank space at the top of all my cards looks a bit naff.


Is there a way to remove this spacing? Or, alternatively, is there a way to add content into this space, and alter the options shown under the 3-dot menu?


Endpoint being used...{team-id}/channels/{channel-id}/messages


Example request body being used...

  "body": {
    "contentType": "html",
    "content": "<attachment id=\"4465B062-EE1C-4E0F-B944-3B7AF61EAF40\"></attachment>"
  "attachments": [
      "id": "4465B062-EE1C-4E0F-B944-3B7AF61EAF40",
      "contentType": "application/",
      "content": "{\n        \"type\": \"AdaptiveCard\",\n        \"$schema\": \"\",\n        \"version\": \"1.3\",\n        \"body\": [\n          {\n            \"type\": \"TextBlock\",\n            \"size\": \"Large\",\n            \"weight\": \"Bolder\",\n            \"text\": \"My News Item\",\n            \"wrap\": true\n          }\n        ],\n        \"actions\": [\n          {\n            \"type\": \"Action.OpenUrl\",\n            \"title\": \"View\",\n            \"url\": \"\"\n          }\n        ]\n      }"


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