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Hi friends,


I have built a bot using Microsoft bot framework which i have integrated in Teams App.

As the user is already logged into teams portal i don't want user to login again.


I wanted to take advantage of SSO as SSO is enabled in our organization.


I am aware that we can implement SSO in custom tab .But i don't want to opt for tab approach.

Can anyone help me here  with best possible approach to achieve this.





@bhartisemwal1990 This isn't currently supported. But this is on the roadmap and we are working on it.

@Gousia_Begum : Thanks for the update. Is it possible for you to share the deadlines by when it will be available .

As this is the most critical functionality for us .can you please suggest any alternative solution for this.

  •  I can create a tab with web chat and implement SSO but then my app will not be available in chat in app bar in teams.


@bhartisemwal1990 Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA to share with you. This is something we are working on and should be available soon.

Is there any update on this? SSO for bots (and not just Tabs) was announced at build 2020.

l also would like to know the status of this. Please update this post.

@CX_Builders It seems this feature might be available by end of October.

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