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Does the Microsoft Team iOS app support a custom URL scheme which could be used to deep link directly from other iOS apps?


Also, is it possible to send message, join team meetings, find contact from other (third party) iOS apps?

Can you let us know if any SDK available through which we can accomplish above actions/task from other iOS apps?


Thanks in advance.


- On click of a MS Teams link outside of Teams, default it opens in browser and then prompt user to open in MS Teams app or continue in web.

- You could send a message to a chat in Teams using Graph API
- For joining a meeting - Use Deeplink to Teams meeting Scheduling dialog



Is it all possible using other iOS App? I mean, some third party iOS native app which integrates MS Graph API would make possible to join meeting and send message to chat or channel?




@neel180 , I wont be able to answer if any iOS app supports graph API integration. 

But for using Graph APIs, you need to generate the access token from Azure and need to write the code to communicate with it



Thank you. If possible could you please point me to some Similar sample code which I can use to build iOS app with Graph API to make a MS Team call, join a MS Team meeting, find a contact using SDK. 

I have already visited following samples which shows Azure AD users to login ( My use case is using above SDK, after oAuth authentication, how do I call, join meeting and find contact using already installed MS Teams app on iOS device.


You can have a look at Calling and meeting bots in Ms Teams.
Here are is a sample code on Graph API 

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