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Good afternoon,


My organization is composed of 20+ programs to service our community.  I am currently searching for a referral platform for employees to refer clients to the various internal programs.  In a perfect world, there would be an app in Teams that could be utilized.  


I did use power automate and forms to create a referral form that worked well but we would like the individual doing the referral to be able to see the outcome of the client and have a past history of successful referrals.


I would be so thankful for any advice. 

@slarock21, why don't you create one page in Power app and show the actual status. I am sure you must be saving the details in SP or somewhere.
Are you pulling this app in Teams? If yes, You can create one tab and design status page and show.
To have more control over the app, create full blown featured app. Let me know if you need any help further.

@Abhijit_MSFT , Thank you for the response.  That is above my level of expertise but now that I know it is possible, I will try to research further and pull it together.

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