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Hi All


Is anyone have the same issue as up where the Logitech Group needs to be rebooted because it 'loses' it's connected to the Surface Pro/Smart Dock - as in the mute control no longer syncs from either device.


For example I can tap the mute button on the Surface (and it will mute my side) but the colour of the Logitech speaker won't change to red. Or if I press the mute button on the Logitech speaker it won't change to mute on the Surface but the colour go red on the Logitech speaker - they are not sending each other thier commands?


A reboot of the Logitech equipment fixes it.... until I try again in a few hours and has stopped working...


Logitech and Sufrace are both up to date.


Any ideas?




I think I just found another bug - when in a Skype meeting/call and you press the 'Answer' button on the Logitech Group speaker it puts the call on hold correctly but if you press it again it creates a dial tone and then none of the buttons on the device work - you can't hangup or do anything the dial tone remains until you end or resume from the Surface.

I see the same problem with the our SRS setup with Logitech Group and SmartDock.


The "mute" function on the Group speaker/mic unit does not trigger a "mute" condition within the the Skype client and vice versa. 


2 inline mute functions is naturally very confusing for end users.


Using the same SmartDock setup we do not see the same problem with the Logitech Meetup, which is a newer design than the Logitech Group. I presume that might indicate a problem with the Group firmware.


I have found no information on this problem except for this article.


I believe I may have found the issue, according to the Logitech Group only supports version 8.5.778 but my Group is running version 8.5.808 – are you able to confirm what version you are running? @Eric Iversen

Thanks - I will check - the Group fw was updated recently so I presume it is the latest version.

If I have a more recent release I will hunt for a downgrade option.

Seems we need to have careful "version control" in place for both feature updates and firmware releases to keep the SRS solution reliable. :)

Logitech support hasn't been very helpful, but they did tell me there isn't a way to downgrade them.

Dear, we experience the same problem since a firmware upgrade to 8.6.102 (Codec and Audio) and 8.5.822 (Video) - EEPROM 1.4. Did anyone found a solution to downgrade the device ?

@Trent  This is a little too late but anyone might one day read this. If you have some questions and need quick info for the Logitech Group, devicebase might have most answers in its product page specifically for Logitech Group. I hope this helps.