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According to the top-right tenant wide storage, we are almost full and are using 3,777 Gb of data and a link to buy more storage.


In the SharePoint Admin Centre, if we export the whole tenant, that adds up to 2,289 Gb so we're missing 1,488 Gb of storage Microsoft says we're using yet don't see it.


We do have many Private Teams channels yet they don't list those storage usage on the main Teams site and you have to open each one manually to see each channel usage.  We have over 20 private channel sites so I had to export each private channel to Excel then add up those totals.  


Even with doing that, the GUI (for example) shows usage of one Private Channel being 577Gb but when exported is 620059188401 which it says is GB but clearly is bytes.  That's actually 620 Gb so the screen and export don't even match.

If I now add up what the export from SharePoint Admin Active Sites plus the Private Channel exports, it shows we are using 4,016 which doesn't match anything and is much more than our storage allotment.


Can we not go one place to find accurate storage metrics?  We need to see which sites are using all of the data so if we have to spend the $$$ to get more, it needs to be allocated to that department etc.