Thanks for the detailed reply @RobElliott .

It is great to have a fully qualified answer, even if it "you can't".


The example wasn't from me, but someone who was attempting to answer my question.


It is somewhat annoying that the old implementation of Sharepoint allowed so much more flexibility, and IMO, the new is so restrictive it ties people hands behind their backs to the detriment of creativity (and arguably clarity).


I will have to investigate multiple News Web Parts, to see if I can get a modicum of flexibility.

I haven't even looked at these yet, and assume they allow a picture to be added to the left of a news article ...but perhaps the wording has to fit to the height of the picture...


NB Appreciate what you are saying about the dynamic page layout, but I would guess there could be a way of giving the page designer a way of choosing how many columns, and the proportion to each.  That said, if MS don't allow us to place a picture where we want, there will be little chance of them providing this as a feature.  Seems like they are dumbing down the product purely for simplification for the masses.